If you have any requirements that are not covered here, please contact us!


We believe that every client’s needs are unique and therefore, so is our fee. We are fiercely competitive but will not compromise on quality and whatever fee we agree, it will always be fixed for 12 months.

The most important aspect of your relationship with us is to have a clear understanding of what is expected from both sides. We will therefore nearly always have to have a detailed discussion of your needs and circumstances before providing a quotation. Please get in touch to get the conversation started today.


The agreed Fixed Fee is payable by standing order in equal instalments over 12 months. This minimises the cashflow impact to your business and also allows us to focus on delivering a quality service.

There are of course additional or adhoc services you may need from time to time. We will always agree the price for these in advance and before providing them.

We would expect such services to be settled in full within 30 days of completing the work.


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Tax Return apply apply apply applyPartnership Tax Return applyPartnership Tax Return applyCompany tax return applyCompany tax return applyRelevant tax return (CT600 or Partnership return)
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VAT apply apply apply apply
Payroll apply apply apply
Company House Annual Return apply apply apply(if relevant)
Monthly Fee £30 £120 £50 £140 £55 £140 Ballpark 1% of sales, payable in 12 installments
Annual Fee £120 £360 £1440 £600 £1680 £660 £1680

Fees quoted inclusive of VAT @ 20%